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Juha Törmälä is a Helsinki-based photographer who makes portraits for magazines, books, advertising and corporate communications.
In 2015 he won the award for Magazine Photographer of the Year in Edit, the Finnish industry competition for print media.

Juha is best known for his work for Image, an influential popular culture magazine in Finland, and HS Kuukausiliite, the monthly supplement of the biggest newsaper in the country, Helsingin Sanomat.  Most major publications in FInland have featured his images.

”Juha has a friendly, easygoing manner and he takes pride in connecting with his subjects.”


Juha has excellent communication and interaction skills. He has a friendly, easygoing manner and he takes pride in connecting with his subjects. His approach to portrait photography is simple. To make inspiring images the key elements are good lighting and communication. This, in addition to his technical ability, results in the distinctive look that he is known for.

Juha became interested in light and portraits at an early age. He drew portraits through his childhood and youth, and at 19 he attended the Free Art School in Helsinki, before enrolling at the University of Industrial Arts in Helsinki. He majored in photography and distinguished himself by doing b&w portraits and becoming specialized in magazine work.

In 1998 Juha was hired as a staff photographer for Kauppalehti and Kauppalehti Optio, then the biggest business publications in Scandinavia. A daily paper and a magazine, they feature profiles of people in business, with a portrait on the cover of each issue.
In 2004 he also became a staff photographer for Presso, a critically acclaimed weekly tabloid in Helsinki that won numerous international design and layout awards and featured intense portraits as its signature look. With this well-rounded background in art and journalism Juha set up his own company in 2007 and has had continued success.

Juha is a fan of American portrait photography and draws inspiration from the work of classic masters such as Irving Penn and Annie Leibovitz.